A handful of short projects directed, produced and designed by David for Under the Radar Productions and Maui Film Studios.


It’s all fun & games ’til someone gets ________!

Shot in 2012, it foreshadows more than we even realized in its take on the Oval Office, Trump, and the power of words.

MAD LIBS is a short comedy was written by Vin Conzo, produced by Under The Radar Productions. David was Producer, Director and Production Designer.  Budget: ~$1,000 or so.  A reshoot of a previous attempt to film this lil gem.  

This one got a  98% Funny on FunnyorDie.com while it was still up there.  Word on the street was even Ang Lee thought it was good, and was surprised it came from Maui. Shoots!


The 2nd installment of MAD LIBS, PURGATORY
shot and edited in two weeks.

High on making the first Mad Libs,  the ensemble got to developing a sequel features Chino LaForge, Mark Harmon, Sunny Dennis and the rest.

Directed and co-written by David, written w/ Chino, Mark, Sunny, and Socrates, It was intended become an on going web series with another 3 un-produced follow up episodes.


Every Story has a Beginning, Middle and End.
This earlier test script seems to work as a final act to the MAD LIBs storyline.


Written by Vin Conzo, features Chino Laforge and Mark Harmon.
Intended as a rough test of skills and talents that led to this set of narratives.

It was shot before MAD LIBS and never intended for the light of day.  Turns out to be an apt 3rd act for the Mad Libs duo.

Music added via Youtube enhancements – kinda works.

David was designated cinematographer and Production Designer.


FiFTY – Murder has a purpose. 

Also written by Vin Conzo, FiFTY is actually a 15-20 minute short. These 2 versions are compressed scripts they were shot as screen tests.

David was brought in to develop the screen tests and full length script in to a viable short film. The full FiFTY script was never shot. But the actors and some crew members have moved on to bigger opportunities.

Both videos are the same pages…. shot with different actors,

It’s interesting to see how the gender switches impact the drama.