With 30 years experience in independent film and theater production, David has hands-on creative development  skills and practical experience in many formats of motion images, from narrative shorts to animated sing-a-longs, to promotional videos.

David offers access to Creative Solutions for small businesses and entrepreneurs who are looking to enhance their business image, mission, and offerings. Through deconstructive explorations and honing a project’s vision David clears the process of bringing the project to a practical value-added end product. 

Below are several serial projects for which David was brought in to help establish and create prototype concepts or even low budget presentations. Bon Appetite!


Animated Sing-Alongs created for longtime client Singer-Song Writer, Melinda Caroll. An ongoing project to create sing-along videos for her entire collection of Music for Girls. Currently in production is an series of Sing Alongs from Melinda's new Albums featuring an...

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A handful of short projects directed, produced and designed by David for Under the Radar Productions and Maui Film Studios.

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A couple Documentary teasers intended to inspire funding. A 15-minute zany punk rock documentary of a mobile art show on Maui in the back of a truck featuring DEVO's Mark Mothersbaugh. And a pair of educational videos produced for Girl Scouts USA to teach scout...

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A strange little mix of odds and ends that are good way to kill a few seconds. The banana stinger was for Wild Banana Gallery - David's first animation. The second stinger for FiFTY, is a "canned" motion graphic merged with an original logo design. Wild...

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